If your RunCam 5 suffers these situations, please format your SD card or try other qualified SD cards.

1. LED lights up abnormally;

2. Recording stops itself suddenly; 

3.Recording cannot be stopped;

4.Video image is weird(strange color, distortion, freeze, out of shape, drop frame, etc);

5.Recording is cut into small videos. One file lasts for just 2 minutes.  


If any of the above situations happens, please format your SD card to exFat or FAT32 and try again. If it doesn't work, we hope you can try more SD cards, as  from our experience, most of the problems are caused by improper SD card though the card meets the requirement.  It is better to try SAMSUNG U3 card. 

 If it doesn't work please show us picture of both sides of your SD cards and your camera's out apperance and your order invoice including the order date. 

 For how to verify a true high speed SD card, please refer to the below link, concerning there are many fake SD cards sold in the market. 


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