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    Jake Kevan

    I kept my cock embedded in her mouth, never really pulling back just flicking my hips forward sharply to force the tip further down and then back again. It felt wonderful but after about a minute I reluctantly eased myself out. My cock bobbed up and down slightly in time with my pulse, covered in thick saliva from the back of Joy's throat. I stood there looking at her for a moment as she breathed heavily and let more of her saliva escape her mouth and run over her face to clear her windpipe live sex cams.

    I shifted over a little and thrust my cock at Silky's mouth. I didn't even have to tell her to open, she did it automatically. It was a always a little harder getting my cock all the way down Silky's throat but I managed. She generally squirmed a little but like Joy never coughed or gagged. I let my eyes roam over their bodies as I fucked her mouth in the same way I had fucked Joy's.

    Silky was more of a classic beauty, taller and thinner than Joy, but I could never decide which one I found more appealing. Joy had more curves which I appreciated and exuded sex out of every pore of her body while Silky was more smokey, more subtle. I always enjoyed using both of them. I tweaked one of Silky's small nipples right when my hips thrust forward causing her esophagus to clamp down around my cock. I moaned in pleasure and reached over to Joy's tits and played with her larger ones.

    After about a minute in Silky's mouth I reluctantly pulled out of hers as well. It wasn't really a contest unless I used all of their holes. I manhandled Joy over onto her stomach and spun her around so that her pussy and ass were facing me. I left Silky on her back with her head hanging down. I wasn't done with her mouth yet. I stood looking at them for a second and let my cock cool off a bit just until the tingling sensation that had begun at the head started to wane.

    I got behind Joy, grabbed her by the hips, and rammed my cock into her pink pussy. She was extremely wet, Joy always was, and groaned as I thrust inside her. I bottomed out inside her as my cock rushed up her wet channel. It was always easy to penetrate Joy, but she wasn't loose, just wet and slippery. In fact Joy is very petite, her pussy is quite snug, and she can contract her muscles to squeeze your dick when you're inside her. If you're getting the impression that I loved fucking Joy then you're right. I often thought that if I died while ploughing her I'd die a happy man.

    Of course I couldn't keep ramming my dick in and out of her cunt for very long if I intended use all of their holes. I pulled out of her, my cock bobbing and glistening with her pussy juice, and lined the head up with her tiny little asshole. She cried out a little as I shoved it in and it took three heavy thrusts before I was able to bury it all the way inside her tightly gripping anus. As soon as she felt my balls touch her clit Joy started shoving her ass back to meet me, milking my burrowing cock with her wonderful elastic sphincter.

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