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    Duane Ward

    "Still drinking Spanish lager then Steve? I got you one in."

    That was it with Kev, we hadn't seen each other for about 6 months and we always picked up as though we had only see each other yesterday.

    "Creature of habit I am," said I, slurping the ice cold San Miguel. "How's fatherhood working out for you?"

    "That's the trouble, I'm now a Dad first and a shagging partner second, or maybe even third."

    Kev and I had been mates at secondary school and neither were highly academic so at the end of four years, our results were not exactly 'A star'. However both of us could think on our feet and I think it was Kev who suggested a technical college since university was out of the question. I went for plumbing and he went for electrics. It turned out to be a great idea as we both were good in our fields, flew through with high grades and both landed jobs with large companies. Kev worked away a lot as he did a lot of commercial work whereas I easily had enough work locally to keep me occupied.

    Our main difference was that Kev was a loyal soul and his now, wife, Sara, was only the second girlfriend he had but I got easily bored and kept flitting from girl to girl. I was really bad at finding interests other than sex and once the novelty wore off, the next attractive girl seemed to have so much more to offer than the current one. My current girl, Chloe, had actually been around with me for over 9 months and that was a record but the main reason was, she was quite adventurous so we had shagged in every position and probably most dark alleys in town. Though she certainly looked classy, she acted like a hooker when it came to sex, and that had held my attention longer than usual. In fact Chloe had all but exhausted my sexual repertoire and there were times when even I would say I had had enough for the night, as she could shag for Britain.

    Anyway back to Kev and his current sexual doldrums.

    "We had a really good sex life for the first few years but it got a bit repetitive, you know, Friday night pizza, bottle of wine, shower, shag, and finished by the 10 o'clock news," said Kev. "Sara said she had heard of a sexual counsellor who advised couples on spicing up their lives so we went along. One of her suggestions was to go out on dates. That meant we would actually arrange to meet in town like strangers, go for a drink or a meal, talk and then go back to "my place" for sex. It actually worked and I quite liked the idea of walking up to her in the street like a stranger and introducing myself. Sadly it worked too well and she fell pregnant and we're now not doing anything."

    What could I say to the poor lad. This was the first time he had ever mentioned this as we didn't really do serious sex talk apart from commenting on passing girls in the bar so I realised it was getting him down. We were both now 30 so maybe he should content himself with married life. Obviously I wasn't taking that advice.

    "How's your sex life then Casanova," he said.

    He had briefly met Chloe once when we had bumped into him in town one Saturday afternoon so he knew what she looked like.

    I told him it had been great and just to rub it in gave him a few of our more risqué encounters such as in the flowerbed in the main roundabout in town at 1.00am, shielded by no more than a bramble bush Cartoon hardcore gay porn movies

    "Lucky fucker," he said, "And she's a hot looking girl.

    "Not only that," I said, "But she's a horny bitch too, always on heat."

    "Well you know where to come if she's got some heat to spare," he said looking wistfully into the distance.

    I wasn't sure if he meant that or not as he had always come across as the monogamous type so other than the odd, "Look at the tits on that," he only had eyes for Sara.

    "OK Kev, if ever I need a second cock to keep her happy I'll call," I replied, smiling.

    Sitting with Chloe the next night in my flat I went over the conversation. Instead of indignation at being possibly pimped out to Kev, even hypothetically, she actually moved the conversation to the dating thing.

    "Do you fancy doing the dating thing with me, or maybe better, you, hanging about a street corner waiting for your Tinder date which turns out to be me. I could even dress a wee bit raunchy to look more tarty," she suggested.

    I agreed. As I said before, things had been a little repetitive sexually over the last week or two so this would be some fun.

    Just to annoy her when the Wednesday night date turned up, I was deliberately 15 minutes late. I texted with an excuse about buses but wanted to watch a little before meeting her. I was actually on time but hid across the street in a doorway to watch. I don't know why.

    A guy came up and started chatting to her. Chloe had no trouble with him and easily chatted back, her eyelids fluttering at an obvious compliment. She must have told him I was due but he still reached up and kissed her on the cheek as he left. My cock went hard! That was a weird reaction!

    I went to see her and apologised but she was fine and we went to the bar. The evening was full of fake first date talk and we went home and shagged. It was fun but it didn't tick as many boxes as I had hoped. She said she agreed.

    Afterwards I said to her, "What about you go to a bar on your own and I sit elsewhere and you see if someone comes in and chats you up? The thought of a guy wanting his hands in your pants and being on heat really turns me on, especially knowing he's not going to get it and I am live gay porn lover

    "How far do I go?" she asked.

    "We I'm assuming not to the 'legs in the air' stage," I said. "But if he kisses you and maybe even has a little fondle that would be ok with me."

    "That kind of turns me on," she said, "Especially with you watching across the bar, ready to dash to my rescue if it gets out of hand."

    We didn't hang about and on the Sunday we decided on a City Centre bar which was popular with twenty and thirty-somethings.

    I went in first and sat in a great location at the end of a horseshoe bar. Chloe managed to also get a seat round at the other side so it couldn't be better. The barman chatted to her and she gave her story about waiting for a friend. A couple of guys in their forties came and stood next to her and one, in particular chatted away. She kept looking at her watch, waiting for her imaginary friend. He bought her a drink and she accepted. I saw a hand touch her thigh. He wasn't particularly attractive mind you. He was balding, around 5 feet 8 inches with a little paunch. His mate looked rather bored and married and, I assume a bit pissed off that their lad's night out was going a little pear-shaped. Thankfully another couple of guys came in and started talking with them and soon they all drifted away.

    The next approach was a young guy. He looked around 20, had a few drinks in him but looked quite intellectual. He was tall, slim with dark reddish and slightly curly hair and he had rimless glasses. Though he looked too geeky to be brave enough to chat up women, it turned out he was a bit more forthright that I thought and he was quick to talk to Chloe and offer her a drink. She accepted, looked at her phone and I assume, told him her friend had called off. He seemed to be quite well-mannered and chatted to her for over an hour, buying drinks as required. We had decided that 10.00pm would be our cut off time and I saw her looking at her watch and making excuses about having to go. As she left he went with her. Again there was no sign of threat and it looked like he was taking her to the bus stop. It was a busy part of town anyway. I followed behind and was going to join the bus queue behind them.

    It seemed obvious from the conversation that he was just taking her to the stop. He gave her his number and as the bus appeared at the end of the road he gently lifted her chin and kissed her. She responded and he went for a full blown kiss complete with obvious tongues!

    The bus appeared and she went to climb on board, I looked down at the guy and could see an obvious and sizeable erection in his jeans. A strange feeling of horniness washed over me. It was something new, a mix of jealousy, and debauchery. I didn't sit beside Chloe until we were well away from the stop. She was still a little flushed.

    "That was one hell of a kiss," she said when I sat down. "Worse still my hand brushed against his jeans and he had a massive, stiff cock.

    That weird feeling washed over me again and for a moment I envisaged the young guy between Chloe's legs hammering a massive hard cock into her then spurting his cum over her tits. My cock was straining!

    Chloe and I had an extremely horny session when we reached the flat. She was very wet and groaned like Hell as I fucked her.

    Afterwards she asked what we should do now. Should we continue?

    "Let's try another bar and another night," I suggested.

    We chose a busier bar on and busier night, the following Friday. When we arrived it was slightly harder to set it up as well as the previous date. She managed to get small table in a corner and I had to stand at the end of the bar. At least I could see her and I gave her a reassuring wink. The bar became really busy and as well as the couples, there were a number of groups of guys together and some girls together. A gathering of five guys who all looked to be early twenties, were near her table and two of them entered into conversation with her. Again she pointed at her watch and the "waiting for a friend" story was obviously being told. They kept chatting and eventually the younger of the guys sat across from her. A booth became available and the three of them slid into it. I kept an eye and the conversation looked very convivial. Chloe was obviously enjoying herself and not once did she look across at me.

    I felt a little jealous but it all looked innocent. Their mates were sitting at the other side of the booth and conversation flitted back and forth. We had set an 11.00pm deadline and I saw Chloe look at her watch and then me and chatted to the guys that she had to go. The attractive young guy went to see her out but took her to the side door, right across from me. I quickly downed my drink and went out the front and up the side street just in time to see Chloe and the guy go behind the bar to an alleyway. I walked quietly up and noticed a large bin for glass so slipped behind it and adjusted my eyes to the poor light. Chloe had her back to the wall and the guy was kissing her, his hands on her breasts. Chloe was giving him as good as she got hardcore twink gay porn movies

    I saw his hand slide up her skirt and realised he was going to finger her. His other hand pulled down his zip and I could just make out a very hard cock sticking straight out. He took his hand and placed hers on his cock. Chloe dropped to her knees and started to suck him. My cock was straining in my jeans but I was too scared to take it out as I would be seen if anyone came up the alleyway behind me. Her head bobbed and I heard him moaning. It was obvious he had just cum in her mouth. He stood up and said something to her. I saw her put his number in her phone before he kissed her cheek and dashed back into the bar. Chloe adjusted her clothing and started to head towards the front door so I hid, then went back through the bar to meet her at the front.

    "Ah there you are," I said. "I thought you had got lost when you went out that side door."

    "No, I just went to the toilet first," she lied.

    I walked her to the stop and said, "That was quite a horny night wasn't it?"

    "Yea it was," She said.

    I stopped and took her head in my hands and kissed her fully. She tried to pull away from me but my mouth was over hers and my tongue was in her mouth. I have no idea what prompted me to do it as I didn't even like my own cum but I was so excited that he had his cum in her mouth I had to share it.

    "I recognise that taste," I said.

    "I bet you do," She said. "Let's get home, I have a story to tell you."

    I was relieved she was not hiding it from me but just trying to ensure I got maximum pleasure from the incident. When we were home and naked I told her I had watched and that made her even randier. After we fucked she insisted I cum in her mouth as she loved the idea of both doses in her stomach.

    "You know Steve, I found that so sleazy. I know we have our little sessions outdoors but being fingered in an alleyway by a total stranger was so exciting. Now knowing that you were watching makes it even hotter."

    This was Chloe as we lay bathed in sweat after a particularly hard riding session. I had cum twice, which is unusual for me but I was so horny I couldn't stop.

    "Fuck," I said, "Where do we go from here?"

    "A few more fingers wouldn't go amiss," said Chloe smiling.

    "Or even a cock," I said, looking at her as I said it.

    She smiled back and I knew that smile. Her brain was ticking over.

    The subject wasn't brought up for a few days but as we were sharing a pizza about four days later, Chloe said to me, "I phoned the geeky student."

    "The one from a couple of weeks ago," I replied.

    "The same. We had a little chat and it seems the poor lad isn't that popular with the ladies. He's a bit shy and thinks he's not attractive. Of course that's what I find very sexy in him and he's as near as dammit a virgin. He admitted as much and I have a feeling he shot his load while we were talking but he wouldn't admit it. I built him up to wanting a shag then gave him the bad news that I had a boyfriend. He was gutted at first but when I said we weren't doing it so much and I was horny as fuck, he perked up."

    I had no idea where this was going but she continued.

    "I said you didn't want me having other guys but I thought I could persuade you to let me if you were allowed to sit in the corner and watch. He was a bit apprehensive but I suggested a few things we would be doing and that's when I think he came. I'm phoning him tomorrow night to see if he's game and I suggested he keep his hands off his pecker so he was as horny as possible when we talk."

    To cut to the chase, he bit it and the plan was she would meet him for a drink and bring him back. I would be waiting and they would go into the bedroom where I would follow after giving them a start to get going. I was so horny I could have exploded!

    It was another Sunday and I had a quick drink while I waited. I watched from the window and saw them coming up the street together. My heart was thumping. When they came in I said my 'hello' and was introduced to Jamie. She was right, he was good looking in a way. He looked like an ageing teenager if that makes sense. He was a man but acted like a boy.

    She smiled at me and took him by the hand to the bedroom. I waited a moment or two and tiptoed to the hall listening to the sexual preamble of kissing, whispered words, fumbling, clips being undone and best of all, zips being unzipped. I gave it until I heard the bed creaking and quietly entered the room. Chloe was on the bed in bra and pants and Jamie's arse faced me, still clad in a pair of tight white briefs and nothing else. His mouth was pressed between Chloe's legs and I assume he had pulled her briefs aside to allow his tongue access. I don't think he had heard me so I quietly sat on the well positioned chair and undid my jeans freeing my very hard cock.




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