Are there any differences from RunCam5 black (old version) and current RunCam5 Orange?

In a word, the RunCam 5 Orange is an updated version of the RunCam 5.

Specifically, there are the following improvements:

1. Added a new resolution: 2.7K 60fps. The original RunCam 5 can only support 2.7K 50fps.

2. Added a new EIS(Electronic Image Stabilization) chipset. The original RunCam 5 doesn't have an EIS feature, and RunCam 5 Orange supports Gyroflow.

3. The recording time increases by more than 30%. Especially for the 4K 30fps resolution, the RunCam 5 Orange can record up to 105 minutes while the original RunCam 5 can only record for about 65 minutes.


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