Hybrid firmware updating via computer

Please try to flash the firmware via computer.  Here is the way:

1.Install this: https://runcam.zendesk.com/attachments/token/vDErTSW4RgCokgRQ3DNHTxASA/?name=icatch_v3000_For_V37_V50_V35_V33_K33.7z to your computer.

2.Solder the 4 cables in USB to the 4 soldering pads, white cable to D+ and then hold the Mode Switch button and connect the USB cable to computer. 

3.In the device manager, you will see:

4.Click the attached .rar file, you will see the firmware FRM.  

Open it, you will see below dialog box. Please set as same as below and click ISP to start flashing. 


Once it is completed, please restart your camera. 

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