How to change the ribbon cable of SCOPECAM

  1. Firs of all, please remove the inside battery from your scopecam to make sure the camera disconnected from any power supply. And now you can remove the 6 screws showed below:



  1. Push up the black lock arm so that you can pull out the ribbon cable from the connector on the main board.


  1. Remove the 4 screws as showed below and rotate the lens module 90 degree to get it out off the cylinder. (If you don’t rotate, it will be stuck by the screw holder on the cylinder.) Then you remove the old cable and insert in the new cable and reseat it back to its position. Make sure the cable is locked well and the screws are screws back well. 


  1. Now you just need to connect the other end of the cable correctly to the main PCB and put the PCB back to the camera body and lock every part well. All is done.



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