What to do if RunCam Split Mini 2 cannot power up?

1. Please replug the ribbon cable on both ends and make sure the cable is not reversely connected.

Note: If the connector on the PCB end is glued, please just try to re-plug the connector on the sensor board end.

2. If the connector on the PCB end is not glued, please add 1-3 layers of tapes to the connector:

Then DON'T FORGET to use the metal cover to fix the connector steadily.

3.Please disconnect the sensor board and the PCB, then power up the PCB separately to see if it can be turned up. 

4. If you power the camera via theJST 3pin connector, switch to soldering pads(marked as 1, 2, 3)  as following:

5. If the problem still exists, please send:

  • Your order info(the order transaction record, including the date)
  • A video illustrating the situation and make sure the status of the LEDs are shown.
  • And then disassemble the camera and show us clear pictures of:
    • both sides of the PCB
    • both sides of the sensor board
    • both sides of the ribbon cable

to run@runcam.com.

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