ScopeCam firmware flashing via computer

Please download the zip file:
and then refer to firmware-reflash-manual.pdf to reflash your firmware. 
As it is actually for RunCam 2, please don't click the link in step 1. 

If above processing failed, please try below steps: 
1. Uninstall the driver(SPCA6530 PC Driver)
2. If yours is win7 x64, please install MS pack KB3033929:
3. Please download:
and decompress any catalog and you will see:
4.Please decompress iCatchtek.rar to C:\Program Files\:

5. Please install USB driver SPCA6350_v1001.exe
6. Please install window environment  IDE E6_IDE_V1.0.0.exe
7. Please install uboot burner USB_Boot_setup_04_24_1.exe
8. Please refer to the third to fifth step in  firmware-reflash-manual.pdf to reflash the firmware. 
If still failed, please try to use other USB ports or other computers.

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