What to do if Split Mini freezes on mid-flight?

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.  The freeze problem is probably caused by the poor connection of the ribbon cable.

1. The input current of Split Mini could be not enough with the decrease of battery voltage on the flight. If PDB/BEC/FC/VTx can't supply enough current to Split, this issue will happen. The average working current of Split Mini is about 650mA. So please make sure input current is enough for it to work normally. It is better to power your Split via dedicated BEC(5V >=1A) / PDB 5V >=1A / FC 5V >=1A.

2. Add 2-4 layers of tapes to the metal cover as what we already have done so that it can fix the ribbon cable connector steadily:

3. Make sure below screws are screwed tightly:


4. Please open the camera part camera to check the connectors to see if they are well connected:

If not, please add a piece of thin tape to the ribbon cable' s connection part to sensor board:

5. Please check if there is any damage on the ribbon cable:

6. It also might be caused by shaking of your Quad: 
1) Please mount on new props,or change to other brands, refer to goo.gl/nEY316#807 and #808;
2) Adjust PID, refer to goo.gl/o121wP
3) Calibrate the Throttle Range of your ESCs, refer to goo.gl/7z8rCV
4) Soft Mount motors, refer to goo.gl/JYGLEQ
5) Upgrade the firmware of your flight controller

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