What to do if the image/tv-out feed of RunCam Split Mini is blurry/jello?

1. Adjust the focus:

Loosen the locking ring and twist it slowly until the image on your Monitor/Goggles is focused and then tighten the ring up. 

2. Make soft mounting for Split Mini's lens module(camera) part.

3. Check the lens itself(though most of the cases, it is not from the lens). If by chance, you got another RunCam micro FPV camera with lens sized M8, like the lens for RunCam Micro Swift 1/2, Micro Eagle or Micro Sparrow, please try this lens on your Split Mini to see if the jello disappeared or not. 

4. Make sure it is not caused by shaking of your Quad: 

1) Please mount on new props,or change to other brands, refer to goo.gl/nEY316, #807 and #808;

2) Adjust PID, refer to goo.gl/o121wP

3) Calibrate the Throttle Range of your ESCs, refer to goo.gl/7z8rCV

4) Soft Mount motors, refer to goo.gl/JYGLEQ

5) Upgrade the firmware of your flight controller

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