What to do if ScopeCam Plus freezes and doesn't respond?

When use the ScopeCam Plus, frequent commands to change the settings or a long-time Wi-Fi connecting may lead to a freezing issue, if ScopeCam Plus doesn't respond to any button press, please follow the steps below.


Step 1: Quit the menu or go back to last setting

Camera may be stuck at a category of settings, and please try to short press or long press the Menu button, checking if it can quit or go back to last setting level.

Menu button.jpg


Step 2: Forced shut down

If the camera fails to respond with any action on single button (Zoom-, Zoom+, Menu and Switch), please press the Zoom- and Zoom+ button at the same time, forcing the camera to shut down.

Shut down buttons.jpg

After the camera shuts down, please try to power on the camera by sliding the switch or long pressing the Menu button, checking if it can power on normally.


If the above steps do not help, please feel free to send an email to run@runcam.com for product support, we are here to help.




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