What's the difference between the option IR sensitive and the option IR blocked?


As part of the FPV camera selection, we have options of IR Block and IR Sensitive cameras. What differences does it make?

Basically IR Block Camera gives you a brighter picture during day time, and the colour would appear more vivid, realistic and richer. However it’s not a very good camera to use in dim light situation such as at night. 

IR sensitive cameras are good for both day and night uses. However the picture quality is a bit poorer, colour looks a bit off but it not too bad to affect your visibility. It’s famous of great capability to use at night with low light lens.

Here are some simple comparisons ( taken by our camera Swift):

The left one is IR sensitive version, the right one is IR blocked version:

You can see more specific by this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvhMdfjdy3E.

IR Senstive camera perform much better at night.

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