What should I do if my RunCam 2 do not connect to or can't be recognized by the PC?

Please confirm the form of the SD card firstly. It's supposed to be FAT32 or exFAT.

And replug the SD card and wipe the metal contact, pls.
Try to use the camera with other SD cards and other cables to see if it works.

(We advise you to use the SanDisk C10 SD card.)

And you should turn the camera on for connecting.
Please check the USB port and the connector of the cable to see if there is any obvious broken part.
Sometimes, the power supply of the usb port of the computer is not enough will cause this, too.
Pls try with the back port of the computer and other computers.

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    Bill Rendall

    ?? you dont say but  is it supposed to be FAT32 or exFAT ?

    Follow-up: Yes, it's supposed to be Fat32 or exFAT. Thanks for your asking.

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    Paul Herrera

    Figured it out!!!  I used to have to plug it in about 20-30 times, and it might recognize.  Sometimes this was only after re-booting the computer and cursing at it.  Ultimately, I updated the firmware, and now it recognizes every time!!!

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    Mark De Lorenzo

    My RunCam 2 is recognized in Windows 10.  It is selectable in AMCAM and as a webcam in other softwares.  But it doesn't show any image.  Just all black.  Please advise.