What's the OSD menu? And how to access and quit the OSD menu of RunCam2?

OSD: On-screen display https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On-screen_display .

The OSD mode is to change some settings of camera.

It looks like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Te5-oBL89JY

The methods to access to the OSD menu:

1.connect the camera with the monitor like the connection in the below picture:

2.long press the wifi button to access the interface of OSD menu; 

Under this menu, the power button is for "down", the wifi button is for "confirm" and long press wifi button, it will quit the OSD menu.

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    Luan Doan

    I just bought my first Runcam HD 2 and boy what's a dumb way of setting it up using OSD method. Have you look at the way Mobius HD cam setting with Androi app or Windows app? Please provide us a similar app that for sure will help more customers to buy your product!

    I will for sure will buy the next upgrade version of Mobius HD cam!

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    Bill Rendall

    I agree very very strange way to view the OSD why the heck cant this be done via the USB cable?

    And how does one get the thing to run as a PC Cam?

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    Andy Kay

    To add insult to injury there is only a  small subset of the Setup Menu available through the OSD. I don't have a smart phone and so I have to use the OSD, but it doesn't even permit me to set Time and Date so I have to put up with incorrect T&D on every file created by my RC2. Would it be so difficult to make the full Setup Menu available through the OSD?