What should I do if Helmet camera cannot be turned on?

If Helmet Camera cannot be turned on when the switch stays ON, there are 2 possible reasons:

(1) battery installation;

(2) battery power;


The battery cover of Helmet Camera is lefty loosey and righty tighty.

lefty loosey, righty tighty.JPG


To check the battery installation:

(1) Rotate to left to loosen the battery cover, check if the battery is plugged in a correct direction as the below picture shows;

battery direction.JPG

(2) Fully rotate to right to tighten the battery cover, avoiding the camera to fail detecting the battery.

(2) Push the switch to ON, testing if the camera could be turned on now.


As for battery power, if the battery power is low, Helmet camera will vibrate every 5 seconds, and 3 times in total.  Camera will get powered off automatically in 5 minutes.


When the battery is plugged correctly and the cover gets fully tightented, please use a USB-C cable with charger to charge the camera. As the camera can work once there is a power supply, you can push the switch to ON to test powering.

A charging indicator light will blink green during charging, and it will go off when the camera gets fully charged.



If the camera still cannot be powered on after the above steps, please contact us by sending emails to run@runcam.com, and it will be great if any photos and videos can be provided for reference, we will help as soon as possible.

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