How to connect Helmet Camera to RunCam App via Wi-Fi?

RunCam Helmet Camera supports Wi-Fi, and it can be connected to RunCam App on mobile devices. At RunCam App, you can have a live preview or basic settings configuration for Helmet Camera.

This article is telling how to connect the Helmet Camera to the RunCam App. Please download the RunCam App before connecting any cameras, and ensure the RunCam App is allowed to access the local networks.


First, turn on the camera. 

Push the switch to ON, camera will be powered on. As camera records automatically once it gets powered on, the light indicator on the lens will be blinking red.

power on.JPG

powering on.gif


Second, turn on the Wi-Fi mode.

Press the Wi-Fi button, and the light indicator on the lens will blink red and purple, indicating that the camera has the Wi-Fi turned on, and it waits for a connection.


wifi connecting.gif


Thrid, connect the camera to mobile phone via Wi-Fi.

Find the camera device at the Wi-Fi setting of mobile phone, and type in the password to connect.

Default password: 1234567890

It will be better to turn off cellular or mobile data of your mobile phone for the camera connection.

camera device.jpg

When the camera gets connected to the mobile phone, the light indicator will turn to solid purple.

wifi connected.jpg



Fourth, open the RunCam App to connect.

After the Wi-Fi connection, go to the RunCam App to proceed. 


Select the Helmet Camera at the Airsoft Camera category.

app camera model.jpg

When the Helmect Camera is selected, click to connect. 

app connect.jpg

When the camera gets connected to the RunCam App, you can preview the images from the Helmet camera, and there are sosme basic settings available to be configured.

app screenshot.jpg


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