How to Use TX/RX UART Control of Runcam 2 4k

TX/ RX UART control supports Betaflight and INAV.
Please DIY a USB cable  by yourself, the connection method shown in the figure below




Then the flight control settings are as follows (Take betaflight as an example):
This video demonstrates the configuration and operation under INAV, please refer to





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    Sebastián Duque

    Hi my friends ! I have my RunCam 2 4K and ready for Flying on my DIY drone .
    The thing is that I’m using a pixhawk 2.4.8 as fly controller, and I haven’t been able to control the camera neither the FC nor my RC fs ia6b .
    Please , is it possible to do the same as with Betaflight . I can generate pwm and it seems using uart.
    Thanks in advance .