Can't turn Split 2 on and LED5 is constant red

1. Make sure the wiring of the ribbon cable is correct on both the PCB and the sensor module end. View more

2. Please power your Split with a phone charger(5V 1-3A) via a USB cable. If it turns on, please check if your BEC/VTx/FC 5V supplies enough output current.

3. If Split failed to turn on when it is electrified, please try to long press the power button for at least 3 seconds to turn it on.

4. If the problem persists, please try another ribbon cable in the package.

5. Remove the ribbon cable from the PCB and power up the PCB board with a phone charger(5V 1-3A) to see if it can be turned on.

If none of above is the situation you've met, please send:

  • Your order info(the order transaction record, including the date)
  • HD photos of both sides of the PCB(please make sure we can see all the elements clearly)
  • HD photos of both sides of the sensor module
  • video showing the problem


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    jean-marc griset

    Bonjour comme dit dans le précédent mail la led rouge reste allumé et impossible d'avoir une vidéo voici le lien de la vidéo avec la facture cordialement

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    Phil Hall

    Worth noting, my 12v BEC was able to power on the runcam - red LED 5 only, despite the ground to the BEC being disconnected. It also read 12v at output, so I'd discounted the BEC as an issue; after a good hour of swapping cameras and ribbons, i discovered the loose ground wire (to the BEC), resoldered the BEC and presto! working perfectly now. Moral of the story- properly troubleshoot power! If i'd try connectign a 2s/3s direct to the runcam board I would have discovered the problem immediately!