Will RunCam Split save video by segment automatically?

In 2 cases, video will be saved by segment:

  1. When loop recording is on(App > Settings > Video > Loop Recording), video will be saved by segment according to time segment you set.
  2. The file size of RunCam Split can be up to 4GB max. The video will be saved by segment of 4GB when recording continuously. 


Different recording bit rate, different video length in minutes.

Eg 1:

If bit rate 30Mbps, time length of a 4GB video is 18.2 minutes in theory.

1Mbps = 1/8MBps

4GB = 4 x 1024MB

Time length of 4GB video=4GB/30Mbps
                =(4x1024MB) / (30 x 1/8MBps)

Eg 2:

If bit rate is 12Mbps,time length of 4Gb video is 45.5 minutes in theory.

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