What to do if there is interference in the FPV feed of Split 2?

Please make sure the GND on VTx and Split is corrected connected:

If the problem exists still, please power your Split with a phone charger(5V 1-3A) via USB to see if there is interference existed in HD video.

Then directly connect your split to a monitor like this:

If the interference disappears, it indicates the interference comes from outside. It's not the issue of the Split.
Pls try measures below:
1. power your Split via USB with the TV-out cable and get live feed via this cable:

2. solder one or several low ESR capacitors (making sure it reaches 1500-2000uF)to the board as shown below:

3. Change to another VTx

4. Change to another PDB
5. Add an insulating mat between the mount of the Split and the frame
Please check the link for reference: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=38034969&postcount=543.You may also insulate the antenna which is conductive form the frame.


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