What should I do if my Runcam 3 do not connect to or can't be recognized by the PC?

1. Please make sure your RunCam 3 is under [PC connection] mode:

  • Through OSD Menu: General > USB Function > [PC connection / Remote control].
  • Through App: App > Settings > General > USB function > [PC connection mode / Remote mode]

2. Please confirm the form of the SD card firstly.

3. Make sure your RunCam 3 has been turned off before you connect it to the computer by USB, and then long press the power button to turn it on.

4. Replug the SD card and wipe the metal contact, pls.

5. Try to use the camera with other SD cards and other USB cables to see if it works.

6. Please check the USB port and the connector of the cable to see if there is any obviously broken part. 

7. Sometimes, insufficient power supply via USB port from the computer may lead to this situation as well. Please try with USB port on the back of the host or other computers.

If the problem persists, pls send us a video showing your problem to run@runcam.com.

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