1. Firmware: KISS FCFirmware (≥1.3-RC30)
  2. Configurator software:KISS GUI(≥2.0)
  3. UART1 interface on the KISS FC

1.Connect the RunCam Split with the UART 1 interface of the Flight Controller


Note:Only TX1 and RX1 can work with RunCam Split.

2.Instruction of the function of the camera and assigning transmitter channel to them


In the KISS GUI, navigate to Configuration tab, find the option of Runcam split, it’s used to start and stop recording. For the functions of turning on/off the WiFi and switching mode,  these 2 functions are not available for KISS FC.


Assign any available channel to the function you need, for example:

Assign the AUX1 to the Runcam split, range high



3.Assign the channel to the switch of the controller


Please choose your Model on the controller, then access to the Mixer interface and assign the channel to the switch of the controller. Take opentx 2.2.0 for example, assign the channel CH5 to SA.



Power the Flight Controller and the RunCam Split

Set the SA to the Bottom the camera starts recording, set the SA back in the place, the camera stops recording.








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