How to access the App of Split via WiFi?

1. Be sure WiFi module is connected correctly

Note: Cut off the power to Split before you insert WiFi module to the main board, please. WiFi module has to be inserted in the correct orientation, otherwise, it could be burnt.

2. Power up Split

Power up Split with USB 5V / 3pin JST 5V / 1S Lipo Battery, please.

Note: When Split is connected to a computer, it will go into storage mode and it won't affect the WiFi button's operation. Don't power it with computer's USB port.


3. Long press power button to boot up

By default, it will start up automatically when powering up. You can disable auto start via App/OSD Menu.

4. Press WiFi button to enable WiFi

If it records video automatically once starting up, short press power button to stop recording and then short press WiFi button to enable WiFi, please.

Note: On recording,  when you press the wifi button, it will stop recording and will restart when you press again.  And there will be no response if you press the power button immediately after you start to record.  It will only act to stop recording after it starts recording for at least 3 seconds. 

5. Open App and connect to Split following the prompts

Split's default WiFi name is RCSplit_xxxxxx, default WiFi password is 1234567890.

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