Will RunCam 2 save video by segment automatically?

In 2 cases, video will be saved by segment:

  1. When loop recording is on(App > Settings > Video > Loop Recording), video will be saved by segment according to time segment you set.
  2. The file size of RunCam 2 can be up to 4GB max. The video will be saved by segment of 4GB when recording continuously. 


Different recording bit rate, different video length in minutes.

Eg 1:

If bit rate 30Mbps, time length of a 4GB video is 18.2 minutes in theory.

1Mbps = 1/8MBps

4GB = 4 x 1024MB

Time length=

Time length of 4Gb video=4GB/30Mbps
                =(4x1024MB) / (30 x 1/8MBps)

Eg 2:

If bit rate is 12Mbps,time length of 4Gb video is 45.5 minutes in theory.

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