What to do if my Thumb Pro W (V2 new version) could not update the firmware?

Firmware updating may fail under these cases:
(1) Incorrect firmware file
(2) Power supply
(3) SD card issue

If Thumb Pro W (V2 new version) failed to update the firmware, please follow the steps to solve.


Step 1: Check if the firmware file is correct
Thumb Pro has 2 versions: V1 and W (V2), and they use different firmware.

So, user needs to download and copy the correct file to SD card to proceed updating.

For Thumb Pro W (V2 new version)
Link for downloading: https://runcam.com/download/ThumbProW
Previous firmware versions: V1.0.2 / 1.0.3
The latest firmware is V1.0.4


Step 2: Use a card with great reading and writing speed
Camera has limited compatibility with SD cards.
We highly recommend using Thumb Pro cameras with Samsung U3 card for the better compatibility and speed.


User could also format the card before updating firmware.

(Notice: please backup everything before formatting if necessary)

Here is a formatter that may help to get the best performance of SD card:



Step 3: Check the position of firmware file

File should be placed at the root directory of the SD card (first grade).

Please copy the firmware to SD card directly, without putting it into any folder.

Otherwise, it is unavailable for the camera to detect the firmware file to proceed updating.


Step 4: Check the power supply

To update the firmware, it is highly recommended to power the camera via USB cable with a mobile charger or a power bank.

If powering via FC, please make sure the voltage is 5V strictly in case power surge.

(Attention: connecting to computer/laptop is unavailable for updating)

Green led would blink while updating, which may take about 2-3 minutes. After updating, the camera would shut off automatically.

*Please do not cut off the power during updating


If sir still has any question or problems, please send an email to run@runcam.com with providing a demo video of problem, photos of camera and used SD card and invoice.

We would help and solve as soon as possible.





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